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Dragonne de sécurité EDCX

La dragonne EDCX permet de sécuriser une arme, un couteau, une torche ou des clés.

Fabrication européenne

Référence : 



Longueur : 20 cm

Etirement maximum : 120%

Matière : gaine en polyamide recouverte de nylon

Diamètre : 4 mm

Just imagine that you will never have to worry about losing your dear and beloved things again?

An insurance trainer from the Ukrainian brand “EDCX” is an ideal solution to this problem.

Everything that is dear to you can be fastened to this trainer: from keys to a pistol.

It allows you to get rid of discomfort when carrying the right things in your hands and protect them from loss and falls during active movements.

What else is interesting about “EDCX”?

This is one of the few manufacturers that can make any custom-made trainer as soon as possible.

These trainers are used by fighters of tactical groups, police officers, employees of security agencies, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Dragonne de sécurité EDCX : noire 3701431800418
Dragonne de sécurité EDCX : coyote 3701431800425
Dragonne de sécurité EDCX : vert armée 3701431800432

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coyote, noir, Vert armée, Veteran